Hey Folks!
After quite a long time it finally is time for our beloved Youngbloods-Tour again!
In February three Singer-Songwriters will go on tour together here in Germany.
This time the line-up is:

Deer Anna (DE) @deerannamusic
Max Paul Maria (DE) @maxpaulmaria
Zach Kleisinger (CAN) @zachkleisinger

17.02. Hamburg – Jolly Jumper
18.02. Bremen – Pusdorf Studios
19.02. Lüneburg – Café Avenir
20.02. Köln – Weltempfänger
21.02. Heidelberg – Paradoxon
22.02. Erlangen – E-Werk/Kellerbühne
23.02. Rottweil – grasselli 1763
24.02. Halle – Volksbühne am Kaulenberg
25.02. Magdeburg – Volksbad Buckau
27.02. Berlin – Bar Bobu

The Dead South Tour!

The Dead South finally are on tour here in Europe and yesterday we finally could see them play (2 shows) in Hamburg with Shred Kelly and Max Paul Maria!

We all had a big blast and are glad to see that you guys and the bands all had so much fun!


Yesterday Shred Kelly started their way over to Europe to join The Dead South on tour!
Check the tour dates below and come by! Max Paul Maria will play at most of the shows as well. So if you want to hear the great music of three awesome DevilDuck Bands get your ticket and we’ll see you there!

  1. Invincible Wisent 3:39
  2. You're Not Trying Very Hard Marissa Burwell 3:29
  3. Das Theater Kommando Kant 3:00
  4. nutshell Would 3:44
  5. Try To Fail Again Palila 3:31
  6. What A Fool Am I Timesbold 3:01