John Van Deusen is announcing his new album!

“(I Am) Origami Pt.3 – A Catacomb Hymn” is the little title and his best album (of course) to be released July 19th via DevilDuck Records (Europe & Canada) and Tooth & Nail (USA). It’s his most rock album as well and reminds as a bit to the good old 90’s, but we don’t want to call it Emo, right?

In September we’re getting him over for a real bunch of shows and the first ones with a proper band set up, isn’t that GREAT?

New YES WE MYSTIC album out on Friday!!!

We’re very, very proud to release their masterpiece “Ten Seated Figures” incl. the two singles ‘Young Evil’ and ‘Please Bring Me To Safety’ – this album you really have to give a listen as you can hear how much work they put in it. Some might call it “progressive pop” or “coldplay meets the national”, but in the end they’ve done their very own sound which is massive.

The Dead South still on sold out tour!

Munich today being followed by Vienna….the tour is kinda coming to an end! Hamburg on Sunday and then two times Astra in Berlin and then we won’t see them again in 2019…..but also say hi to Danny Olliver and Matthew Logan Vasquez who are great opening up for The Dead South – in Hamburg our new signing Scotch & Water do have the honor.

SCOTCH & WATER new on DevilDuck

If you have a look at our roster you can see that it’s kinda rare that we’re signing German bands. Scotch & Water is the first German band in about 6 years and even better they’re from our hometown Hamburg which makes us even prouder!

You can find their 1st video ‘Running’ online already as well as a live video of ‘One Step’ which was recorded at a studio where they’ve worked on some songs before. We’re going to release ‘Running’ and 2nd single ‘Time’ on February 22nd.

About Songs Youngbloods Tour 2019

Good news:
We’re excited to say our DevilDuck Artists Barbarisms [solo] and Gunner & Smith [solo] are heading on About Songs Youngbloods Tour with Onk Lou in 2019!

01.02. Hamburg – Astra Stube
02.02. Kiel – Forstbaumschule
03.02. Bremen – Druide
04.02. Lübeck – Tonfink
05.02. Hannover – Nordstadtbrau
08.02. Wuppertal – Swane Design Cafè
09.02. Frankfurt – Schalander
10.02. Frankfurt – Wohnzimmer Show
11.02. Saarbrücken – Tante Anna
14.02. München – Glockenbach Werkstatt
15.02. A-Wien – Rhiz
16.02. A-Graz – Guestroom
17.02. CZ-Prag – Club Potrva
18.02. Berlin – Auster Club
19.02. Potsdam – Fahrradstation




Here we go!

We are proud that our good fellow Matthew Logan Vasquez is opening up for The Dead South on their European Tour in March/April!!
As we released his first Album “Solicitor Returns” he is still a DevilDuck buddy even the new album coming out in February is not with us anymore…
  1. Jeverssand Kommando Kant 3:43
  2. Disarm Shred Kelly 3:14
  3. Head Rush Yes We Mystic 4:03
  4. COPS Max Paul Maria 2:40
  5. Nothing Special Zach Kleisinger 3:56