Kommando Kant – Miami

First single from the album »Aussterben ist ein schönes Hobby« (release 08/14/2020)
stream/download single: https://orcd.co/kommandokantmiami
pre-order album: https://devilduckrecords.com/?s=PREOR…

camera band shots: Bartosz Harasimowicz and Nina Behr of B+B (https://www.bartosz-behr.de)
cut band shots: André Kurberg
traveling shots: B+B, Jan-Hendrik Paulsen (http://www.jhpaulsen.de), Toini Ruhnke, Björn Albertsen, André Kurberg
cut traveling shots and after effects: Bartosz Harasimowicz of B+B (https://www.bartosz-behr.de)

© 2020 Kommando Kant / DevilDuck Records

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  1. Nothing Special Zach Kleisinger 3:56
  2. Floralia Scotch & Water 3:25
  3. Fear Scotch & Water 3:22
  4. Clean Evil Barbarisms 5:05
  5. Wisconsin Gunner & Smith 2:48
  6. Stuck Inside Neugraben With The Deathwish Blues Again Kommando Kant 4:01
  7. Black Lung (Live) The Dead South 3:35
  8. Stress Talk Show 2:40
  9. Dead Leaves Shred Kelly 3:46