Scotch & Water – Never Enough, Always Too Much



Release: 16th August

Never Enough, Always Too Much is a journey through the urban surroundings Scotch & Water know and the abandoned nature they sometimes crave for.  What is home, now that you’re gone? as it’s stated by the band’s first single  Moving On resembles this feeling.
Knowing that the people and not just the surroundings around you keep you contemplating, is part of the EP’s message. People just have such a strong influence on you – good and bad. This duality is beautifully portrayed on the five-track EP and implicated in it’s title. As versatile as your encounters with people, as versatile are theses songs.
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  1. Nothing Special Zach Kleisinger 3:56
  2. Floralia Scotch & Water 3:25
  3. Fear Scotch & Water 3:22
  4. Clean Evil Barbarisms 5:05
  5. Wisconsin Gunner & Smith 2:48
  6. Stuck Inside Neugraben With The Deathwish Blues Again Kommando Kant 4:01
  7. Black Lung (Live) The Dead South 3:35
  8. Stress Talk Show 2:40
  9. Dead Leaves Shred Kelly 3:46