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In 2013 Max Paul Maria released his debut album „Miles & Gallons“. Most of the songs were written on the road and while he spent a lot of time in Lisbon, but now he is back in Berlin where most of the new songs were written and again recorded DIY.

„Figurines“ is a collection of song drafts developed over a long summer being worked on in the even longer winter. So the title kind of describes this process as well as the differences between the 13 songs. The debut was way more a typical singer/songwriter album while „Figurines“ is much more band, sound, rawness, gesture and artistic distance. Playing most of the new songs already in a live set up and on tour was a big advantage so that all changes and experiences made them better. It still has the carefreeness of the debut so, but combined with a ripening that can be described as a real development.

Nevertheless travelling the world still is a big part of Max’s life so most songs are kind of a travel diary and describes his restlessness, his disbelief in maps and things: „Still I don’t know where to go now, through all imaginary landscapes“.

Maybe some would say his songs sound really old, but this timelessness maybe is something like the central theme of all artists at DevilDuck Records and there is no doubt that Max Paul Maria really is influenced by some of the old dudes like Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Tom Waits but also some current folks like Jonathan Wilson, Bonnie ‚Prince’ Billy and the Babyshambles.

The harmonica had a big impact on „Miles & Gallons“, but on the new album you can only hear it here and there as on ‚Sad South’, which by the way is dealing with his friendship to the Canadian Bluegrass-Folk folks of The Dead South who he opened up a couple of times and will do in May & June again.

Press quotes:

„Kerouac would smilingly nod as „Figurines“ is a modern „Road-Movie“ album with a bi gold school vibe.“


 “Max Paul Maria has spent five years on the road in Germany, France and Portugal and sounds stunningly authentic. How he is using his harmonica and his rough voice to make little jazzy folk tunes he sounds a bit like a reincarantion of Bob Dylan. STEREO

“His songs are kinda raw being sung with his snotty voice and weird Blues-Harp which reminds to Bob Dylan and Neil Young and is something he is really good in.“ PIRANHA


Jörg Tresp


Jörg Tresp


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  1. Nothing Special Zach Kleisinger 3:56
  2. Floralia Scotch & Water 3:25
  3. Fear Scotch & Water 3:22
  4. Clean Evil Barbarisms 5:05
  5. Wisconsin Gunner & Smith 2:48
  6. Stuck Inside Neugraben With The Deathwish Blues Again Kommando Kant 4:01
  7. Black Lung (Live) The Dead South 3:35
  8. Stress Talk Show 2:40
  9. Dead Leaves Shred Kelly 3:46